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´╗┐SAFE for Ph.D. Interview-Screening Tests at IITB

The platform was used for Ph.D. Entrance 2020 by 5 Department in IITB for applicants from all over India, further proving the robustness of the platform to conduct critical exams.

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Extensive Usage of SAFE at IITB: May-Dec 2020

At the start of the semester, SAFE provided the necessary support by enabling faculties to start quizzes alongside their online lectures.

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SAFE for IEOR (IITB) MTech Admissions 2019 - Experience Report.

The SAFE (Smart, Authenticated Fast Exams) system was used successfully in May 2019 by the Department of IEOR.

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Exams on an app: Colleges are taking semester tests mobile.

Results are instant, as is feedback. Assignments, lecture notes, notices and attendance records are virtual too.

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A vision for a smart classroom of the future.

IIT-B has teamed up with Mojo Networks to create a mobile app to conduct exams in a highly efficient way.

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Students take tests on smartphones, courtesy apps.

Students are issued login credentials. Once in the classroom, they connect to Offee and the internet connection goes off automatically.

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