Transform the Conduct of Exams, Classes

Hiring: IITB RAs June/July 2020

We are hiring 2 "institute RA" positions in the June/July 2020 admission cycle, for the SAFE project. Please see the main project website, and demo videos, for a description of the SAFE system. The RA work will involve working for an average of 20 hours a week on R&D aspects of the project. These include:

  1. Security related aspects of the project: in Android as well as iOS, location verification
  2. Performance optimization of server (django python)
  3. Grading assistant (AI assisted grading) for scanned subject answers
  4. New features such as student messaging, notifications
  5. Providing installation, maintenance, and support for users of SAFE

The RAs are expected to work on the SAFE project for their MTech Project.

Why should you work for SAFE?

  • There are a lot of exciting R&D projects as listed above
  • Your work will be immediately used by thousands of users at IITB as well as outside
  • We have a competent as well as pleasant team of students and staff: this is a great learning opportunity as well as a pleasant work environment
  • Flexible work environment: for the most part, we care about work done more than when/from-where; you will earn this flexibility/privilege by working diligently in the first 1-2 months